I've been around cameras for many years. It was an passion of mine since High School. While back then, using an old Pentax Sportmatic, I learned everything there is about lighting, film, darkroom techniques and many more. When digital photography became the standard. I saved up for a Sony a700. At the same time I was in Fashion marketing. So had a brief still-life photography, retouching and video career before I left the Fashion Industry. For the last decade I had to slow down a bit to take care of two elderly parent. Mom still alive in her 90's however, dad passed away 2 years ago with Dementia. During that time I reunited my fascination with cars and drank a lot of coffee. Seen many YT videos of cars and coffee meets. Now I'm more flexible with time and thought why not re-engage my passion for cars and skills I learned from photography all these years. With a camera that I barely used. The A6500. Plus his little buddy the Fujifilm X-E4.
So this is not a career. This is a passion of mine. It's a hobby. 
If it leads to something, great but if not, so what.
Just want to have fun and enjoy the beautiful cars and beautiful people.
I hope you do the same when you view my images.
- Ed
(For owner of the cars: 
My photographs of your car are strictly for personal use. They are not for sale. However, If you would like to have your car image(s). Please let me know. I will send it to you at no charge. If you would like you car deleted from my website, image sharing services (i e Instagram) or others. Please let me know. I'll gladly remove it as soon as humanly possible and thank you for sharing the experience.)
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