for car meet photos: 
If you like a photo or photos I took of you car. You pay whatever you think it's worth in value.

a "Value for Value" model.

Send me a

I will send the images to you free of charge.

Just remember the files will be big.
Make sure you have file space on you digital device.

per session. per car. including pre/post production.
Including extra shots I would like to retake.

If you agree (permission) to let me print few images
in limited quantities (up to 25prints).
If you agree (permission) to let me use all the images as I wish.
file sending:
Image will be send to you in Full-resolution
Also accompanied with 1/4 to 1/2 JPEG for social media posting.
Usually I will send the image files to you via We Transfer or preferred method that you choose.

Generally I keep all the photos I photographed up to a year.
Only the ones I think is/are worth saving are kept permanently.

Website images will be saved in PDF format for archival reverences.
ZHiYUN Weebill s

Remote & Flashs (GORDOX, SONY, others),
LED lights (Medium to small LED PANELS),
Macro tube, Lens adaptors, STEP RINGS,
Mounting Gears and Tripods,
GODOX, PGYTECH, SMALLRIG, Ulanzi, Moment, and etc.

email me or
Please fill out the contact form below or
dm me on social media

Thank you! Will get back to you shortly!
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